Saturday, March 5, 2011

Workshop on Importance of Gandhian Values in life

A Workshop on the Importance of the Values of Mahatma Gandhi in Life

Dated: 28 Feb & 1st March 2011

A Report:

On 28th and 1st March 2011, in SOS Village, Barapani, Shillong a two day long workshop on the “importance of the Values of Gandhi in Life” was conducted by Purvottar Hindi Academy in association with Gandhi Smriti and Darshan Samiti, New Delhi. The resource person was Ms Hima Rani Baishya from Guwahati.

On the first day of the workshop after a round of introduction amongst the students, mothers and the resource person, Ms Baishya with the help of a power point presentation on Mahatma Gandhi enabled the students to grasp a bit of the Father of the Nation on a different note. The presentation dealt with how circumstances happened that turned Gandhi into a MAHATMA. And how in the process Gandhi kept hs values intact and those values of truthfulness, honesty, forgiveness and most importantly NON-VIOLENCE gave India independence. The presentation gave the children an in light into some of the hidden aspects of the Mahatma.

Then discussing on the values of Mahatma Gandhi the students were asked on some of the most relevant values of Mahatma Gandhi in accordance with the present day conditions in the world and more so in their nation and state. The children came up with ideas that corruption, violence, discrimination, honesty are some of the options to be looked into a bit seriously to make our society more peaceful.

Now, the question arises how as children they can have a part of contribution in the process of development in the society. It was quite interesting that participants themselves were too positive in the sense that they can bring out wallpaper, wall poster, comics, skit/street play, debate, discussions, extempore on any of the selected relevant value of the Mahatma and work upon it(those mediums) as the change agents of the society.

On the first day itself it was decide that participants within the feasible time period of the workshop will bring out a wall paper, wall poster, a skit and do extempore on the selected value of NON VIOLENCE and PEACE.

In the second day i.e. the 1st of March the children expressed their ideas on values of Gandhiji through wallpaper, wall poster. The wallpaper covered poems, write ups, slogans all covering the themes of Gandhiji of non violence and peace of MK Gandhi. The wall poster covered the same theme with appropriate punch lines.

The participants presented their medium of expression along with a skit on the issue of ill effects of smoking.

The participants also took part in the “extempore speech” and spoke on themes like Truth, Three monkeys, Forgiveness, Father of the Nation etc.

Ms Baishya also showed the participants a video clip relating to peace and how we are to sustain it in our present situations of turmoil.

On the first day of the workshop SOS Village Zonal Director also made his present to encourage the participants.

With the presence of Mr. Santhiraj K., Village Director SOS who gave anecdotes on the life of Jesus Christ and Gandhiji it encouraged the participants to rethink on what they could take back from the workshop.

Last but not the least Dr. Akelabhai, Secretary Purvottar Hindi Academy, Shillong gave his vote of thanks to all present asking the participants to sincerely adopt the values of The Mahatma in their day to day life.