Thursday, October 15, 2015


Name: -                    BIMAL KUMAR BAJAJ
Father Name: -      (L) KESARDEO BAJAJ
Mother Name: -   (L) GINIA DEVI BAJAJ
D.O.B: -                 27th June 1948.
Schooling: -           from R.B Anupchand Hindi School.
College: -              from St’Anthony College Shillong.
Marriage: -         9th March 1970
Wife: -                  Smt Santosh Bajaj
Children: -           1. Anup Kr Bajaj (Born on 25th Jan 1972)
                            2. Anil Kr Bajaj (Born on 23rd Oct 1974)
                            3. Anjana Bajaj (Born on 11th Nov 1976)
                           All are graduate from Shillong.
EXPERIENCE OF BUSINESS:-He Started business in 1968 in the field of hardware and sanitary. Till today he is running an execlusive Showroom in Somany Tiles and Asian Paints Ltd.
                  1. Founder member of Meghalaya Chamber of Commerce and Industry
                  2. Vice President of Shri Marwari Panchayat Shillong
                  3. He was the Secretary of Balika Vidyalaya from 1985-2006
                  4. He was the Secretary of Marwari Shiksha Kosh for 6 years
                  5. He is organizing a running trophy of Cricket in the name of                                                    Kedarmull Bajaj memorial trophy
                  6. He is elected a member of Cantonment Board from 1997-2014 (5th June 14)
                  7. He visited the Rajasthan in the year 2000 by the invitation of Chief Minister on Golden Jubilee Celebration.
                 8. He is the president of Rajasthan Visham Bhawan from 2007 to till date
                 9. In the year 2012, he felicitated honorary black belt in Taekwondo by Association of Taekwondo Marshall Art for his service to the people.
                10. He was the Joint Secretary of Shillong Gausala from 1999 to 2010.
                11. On the visit of Prime Minister Shri Atal Vihari Vajpayee, he handed over a memorandum from Meghalaya Chamber of Commerce and Industry for overall development business in the state.
                12. On the visit of Shri L.K. Advani then home Minister, he welcomes him on his arrival in Shillong as a executive member of BJP.
                13. He has released a good ember of Hindi Literature, Poetry and Jainti Shakti Pith Books in Shillong on the platform of Purvottar Hindi Academy.
                14. He is a chairman of Construction Committee Kanchi Kamakoti Vidya Bharati Vidyalaya.
                15.  He is a President of Purvottar Hindi Academy from last 12 years.
                16. He is the Secretary of R.B.Anupchand Hindi Secondary School from 2010.
                17. He was awarded for the promotion of Hindi by Surabhi Sahitiya Sanskriti Khandwa”ACADEMY SAMRAT”
                18. He received renowned film star Sunil Dutt during his visit in Shillong through Meghalaya Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
                19. He is the President of Arya Samaj Shillong from 2013.
                20. He is the trustee member of Authorized Institute of India Art and Culture Shillong.
               21. He was invited on 1st June 2013 as a chief guest to a film festival organized by “TAMGKHUL CULTURE at NEC Stadium Shillong.
              22. He organized a program of “Freedom Fighter of Meghalaya U Tirot Singh Syiems Death Anniversary on 17th July 2013 in R.B.Anupchand Hindi Secondary School,Shillong as a “Balidan Divas”.
              23. He can speak English,Hindi,Khasi,Bengali,Assamese,Nepali,Bihari and his own mother language fluently.